Project Approach & Life-Cycle

Forward Learning maps out your project life-cycle for easy understanding and implementation. Our typical development phases are...

Analysis Phase
- Forward Learning anaylsts will review the existing lesson-level in current format for each lesson undergoing SCORM conversion and document possible future changes in courseware level of interaction.

a. Lesson Objectives will be reviewed and rewritten, as appropriate, for standardization, correlation to media selection, and to assist in SCORM reuse.

b. Lesson Titles and Duration will be checked against the current Course Lesson Maps that will be developed if there are none currently available.

c. Media selection and justification will be reviewed, evaluated, and documented by experienced Forward Learning Instructional Designers as appropriate.

d. Identification of lesson pre-requisites and follow-on training will be standardized for maximum ease of maintenance.

e. Documentation will be submitted with Training Update Proposal Report documents for each lesson. These will be the courses that have been identified as having content that would benefit the student if the course was raised to a Level 2 and/or Level 3 rating. (See Typical Level Ratings)

Design Phase
a. Forward Learning will list Lesson objectives for the lesson identified.

b. LSMs will include a mapping of all SCOs and aggregations required to meet the lesson objective(s).

c. Forward Learning will include sequencing rules and sequencing objectives required for packaging the lesson for SCORM 2004 delivery.

d. LSMs will be submitted with TCP documents for each lesson and approved copy will be kept in Master Control. Forward Learning will produce and appropriate style guides, and job aids corresponding to the above.

Development Phase
a. Multimedia Development and Organization

b. Lesson Packaging & QA Testing

c. Implementation and Evaluation Phases

d. TRR and Development

Delivery Phase
Documented satisfactory completion of the current SCORM Test Suite will constitute SCORM 2004 conformance. Completion for each lesson will roll up as completion of all lessons for each course, per delivery schedule.

Maintenance Phase
Forward Learning can work with your company to handle Operations & Maintence for your courseware environment. Advanced Levels of courseware can be phased in with the proper design on the front-end. These upgrades can happen in parrellel while training is active and uninterrupted.

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