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Forward Learning provides creative training solutions for government and commercial clientele. We strive to exceed our customer's expectations and provide streamlined, custom, cost-effective and stable products.
From web-deployed systems to stand-alone applications, we use the best technologies that not only solve today's current training issues, but will also used in the future. We use a variety of hardware and software solutions based on our customer's needs and provide complete project life-cycle support covering; Needs and Functional Analysis, Design, Development, Continual Quality Assurance and Functional Testing, Implementation and Deployment Services, On-Site Installation and Acceptance Testing, Maintenance and Support Services.

KC-10 Air-Refueling Tanker BOTT IOS Subcontracted to ACME Worldwide Enterprises for a Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 software solution for controlling the KC-10 Boom Operator Simulator. The Instructor Operator Station or IOS, was used to control the state-of-the-art visual system to change models for re-fueling, change time-of-day settings and cloud and terrain settings. The IOS also controlled Malfunction setting and clearing for Systems Malfunctions to bad Circuit breakers to mission critical scenarios.

ACME Worldwide Interactive Manual for their Dynamic Motion Seat. Flash Based multi-platform interactive manual for Operations and Maintence of the Dynamic Motion Simulation Seat. The ACME Dynamic Motion Seat (DMS) is a cost effective method of providing motion cues to a pilot or other vehicle operator. The dynamic seat adds inertial cues experienced in the operational system, whether its an aircraft, ground vehicle or other platform. Motion cues enhance the immersive experience of simulation, enabling better training and operator experience.
The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston was in need of a custom solution to help promote it's Giclee fine art printing services. The concept of having a standalone kiosk to allow the user to preview artwork and then have them order specific pieces in a print-on-demand environment. Our team worked with the museum and other consultants to focus the design of the kiosk for optimum usability. The final design included a 19" touch screen kiosk body that the user would interact with and then a second attached 42" monitor that would show the users browsing except for the transaction part of the process.

Our team designed and developed a series of Speech therapy Cross-Platform CD-ROMs for Simon & Schuster Publishing. The subject matter was from a world-recognized Vanderbilt University Professor that had a proven Flash Card therapy system. We designed the systems methodology and functionality into a CD-ROM that could be used by speech therapy specialists to identify, teach and track the progress of their students with a consistent and proven method. This was the only way to make sure the system was being used in a proper and consistent manner.

Collegiate Licencing Company in Atlanta, GA worked with our team to create interactive, cross-platform media CD-ROMs for it's most popular collegiate programs. The CD-ROMs contained interactive games and activities for alumni and sports fans alike. The hybrid CD-ROM included hi-resolution logos, video clips,audio clips, photography and detailed statistics and well researched stories.

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