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Forward Learning can help you with all aspects of Training and Simulation. Whether it is for assistance with SCORM development or creating complex simulations, Forward Learning lets you excel in your field while we take the complications out of course development and training.
  • SCORM Implementation — Get the source code and expertise you need to implement SCORM-based authoring tools and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

  • Needs Analysis — Identify and prioritize performance shortfalls. Identify e-learning solutions that can be implemented with low risk
    and low cost. Calculate potential return of investment.

  • Specify e-Learning Requirements — Identify e-learning products and services that can meet your needs. Identify and prioritize the
    e-learning functions. Specify technical and operational requirements
    for your new e-learning solution.

  • Project Managment - The Forward Learning will maintain a record of the program schedules, action items, problem reports, problem resolution, and risk assessment and risk mitigation for this modification. Forward Learning shall develop an integrated program schedule that establishes  the milestones required to accomplish the negotiated contract delivery schedules. Project Support consists of a level of effort for the assigned Modification Manager. The duties of the Modification Manager include reporting status to Forward Learning and client management and providing technical, schedule, and cost direction and support to Modification Team personnel. The modification support requirements for Finance and Contracts includes management, tracking, issue resolution and all other matters relating to the financial and contractual aspects of the modification.

  • e-Learning System Evaluation — Identify potential vendors that can meet your needs. Develop representative scenarios that vendors can use to demonstrate their capabilities. Develop a request for proposal and proposal grading criteria.

  • LMS Implementation — Develop an implementation plan. Establish
    and document new roles, responsibilities and operational procedures. Develop a training and communications plan for learners, instructors, managers and administrators.

  • Develop an e-Learning Content Development Program — Specify new e-learning design and development procedures that can easily fit with existing procedures. Establish and document new development teams roles and responsibilities. Conduct an e-learning design and development workshop to prepare your staff for the
    new e-learning project.

  • Evaluation — Design tools to measure improvements in your organization due to e-learning. Measure the effectiveness of the e-learning program on skills and performance. Provide recommendations for further improvements.

  • Review e-Learning Plan and Process — Get an independent,
    expert review your e-learning plan and process.
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" We were lost in the world of Training
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Learning Benefits of CBT
Consistency of Material
Interactive Simulated Content
Self-Paced Learning
Higher Topic Absorbsion

Cost Benefits of CBT
Reuasbility of Content
Retained SME Knowledge
Quicker Learning Cycles
Non-Travel Course Distribution

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Understanding SCORM and AICC can be costly if you do not have a clear understanding of what is being asked of your company. Let Forward Learning make new technology work for you not against you.